The history of artistic practices is also a record of the permanent conflict between tradition and innovation. A conflict that often resolves into a temporary truce, when the academies weaken the imperative of a single aesthetic canon or when the vanguards turn rebellion into doctrine. But there are works that elude these intellectual questions. Creations that, paraphrasing for the painting what Gustav Mahler pointed out regarding music, "should preserve the fire of tradition and not the adoration of its ashes".

The work of Hernán Gorbatt can be, without a doubt, included in this type of productions. It can be classified, by its proximity, to Jean Dubuffet "Art Brut", but, not only because of the familiarity between theirs works, but specially because of the authentic gesture of spontaneity that emanates from them. Dubuffet insisted on "feeding on the inscriptions, the instinctive strokes, on respecting the impulses and the ancestral spontaneities of the human hand when it traces its signs". Gorbatt makes that free flow a kind of rule that feeds back, in fact an anti-rule that, based on the joy of painting and the freedom to choose, unconcerned with traditions or vanguards, forces us to turn our eyes, many times anesthetized by "what has already been seen", towards those vital signs that the artist demands of us.

In this way, Hernan depict the imaginary that surrounds him with a joyful and almost bodily gesture, where stroke and color are indissoluble and where people, animals or things are the protagonists of a universe of subtle lyricism and non-transferable humor, like his immense and testimonial Big Mac. Also, when he quotes, with a certain ironic tenderness, certain iconic characters from the History of Art, (Picasso, Frida Kalho, etc.), he transmutes them surprisingly into those people who could once have been. Those portrayed, frozen once in the rigors of figurative representation, recover their existential status through the work of the artist. Like the mythical tale of Pygmalion, the artist can not and does not want to separate art from life.
Héctor Medici
November 2017

Big Mac
Acrylic on canvas
110 x 90 cm.

Man with pet
Acrylic on canvas
0 x 80 cm.

Acrylic on canvas
120 x 120 cm.

Mixed media
40 x 80 cm.

Charcoal and chinese ink
80 x 150 cm.

Girls with repeated faces
Acrylic on canvas
80 x 150 cm.

Woman with sketch
Chinese ink and watercolor
70 x 90 cm.

Acrylic and charcoal
150 x 120 cm.

The musicians
Acrylic and chinese ink
70 x 40 cm.
Diptych - Picasso
Acrylic, charcoal and chinese ink
50 x 150 cm.
Acrylic and chinese ink
120 x 60 cm.
Magazine girls
Acrylic and chinese ink
80 x 120 cm.
Acrylic and pastel on wood
100 x 90 cm.
The two Fridas by Frida Kahlo
Acrylic, watery and charcoal
70 x 100 cm.
Zapata of Siqueiros
Acrylic and charcoal
90 x 70 cm.


Hernán Gorbatt was born in the City of Buenos Aires in 1981. He is a young man with a disability who from a young age had great attraction for art, standing out for his ease of expression through drawing and painting. Since 2005, she attends a work clinic run by Andrea Suken where, after experimenting with different techniques and materials, Hernán has discovered his own style as a gestural and expressive artist from his stroke and brushstroke.


Fundación TelViso, 2016, 2º Premio con la obra “Las Dos Fridas”. Jurado: Oscar Moreno, María Teresa Constantín y Oscar Smoje.

Solo exhibitions

2017 Fundación TelViso “Caras” - agosto 2017. Curador. Oscar Moreno
2012 Espacio Cetol “Las chicas de mis sueños”, 29/8 al 20/9. Curadora: Laura Gorbatt
2007 Pasaje 17 "Urgencias". Curador: Héctor Medici. 2007

Collective exhibitions

Fundación TelViso, 2017- 2016 - 2004
Manifestaciones, Arteme, 2015
Lamroth Arte, Feria de Arte Solidario, 2017- 2013
Asociación Educadora Ita Wegman, Del Viso, 2015
Peperina, La Población – Córdoba, 2014
Buddha Ba, Grupo Itinerante, curadora Lili Esses. 2015/2012
La Recova de Posadas, Grupo Itinerante, curadora Lili Esses. 2011/ 2009
Casa Municipal de la Cultura de Adrogué, “Homenaje a Jorge Luis Borges”. 2013
Espacio Doma. 2011, 2009
Galería Garrik, Curadora: Andrea Suken. 2012
Modena Design, 2012
Espacio Arte Club Multiespacio, 2010


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