Floki Gauvry is part uf that group of artista where it is fifficult to distinguish the limits between their production in Daily life and the one in the art field, if we accept those limits  exist.

The artista presents a series of intense aesthetic value and delicate technique.

María Carolina Baulo


From engraving to light
Artist book

Illuminated planet
Light box with leds programmed sequence
0 x 100 cm.

# 7384
Digital graphic
60 x 60 cm.

Cell membrane 3
Light object
25 x 25 x 0.50 cm.

Water bell
RGB light object
40 x 40 x 1 cm.

Diamond soul
Light object
Diámetro 35 cm.

Liquid wrapping
Light object
25 x 20 x 1 cm.

Water spirals
Light object
25 x 20 x 0,50 cm.

# 8081
Mirrored acrylic block
19 x 23,75 cm.
# 8088
Mirrored acrylic block
19 x 23,75 cm.
Light box with leds programmed sequence
50 x 50 cm.
Light box with leds programmed sequence
50 x 50 cm.
# 8069 3D
Fabric on frame
100 x 100 cm.
# 7811 3D
Fabric on frame
100 x 100 cm.
# 7666c
Fabric on frame
100 x 160 cm.
# 6253a
Digital graphic
60 x 60 cm.
# 7859
Digital graphic
80 x 100 cm.
# 8023
Digital graphic
80 x 100 cm.


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on January 30th 1951, she attended the School of
Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina and then in Paris, France and several
workshops (painting, drawing, printmaking, lithography).

Since 2009 she is working with new media formats, using the light as a primary element.
Since 1990 she made more than 40 solo shows and participated in many group
exhibitions, national and international competitions.

Selection: 1st. International Print Biennal, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, India;
Contemporary Argentine Artists, Arts & Design Gallery, Miami, USA; BASTA DE
PALABRAS, ArtsLibris, ARCO Feria Int’l Madrid, España. Authentic Marks, Dubai Art
Week; Grafica Romaneasca, Romania; 5th Int'l Art at Wharepuke, New Zealand;
48th Yokosuka Peace Exhibition of Art, Japon; Fully Booked Art Book Fair, Dubai;
17 Salon International de la Gravure, Morhange, France; 3rd GLOBAL PRINT,
Portugal; Miniature Print Center for Contemporary Printmaking, USA; Printcard
Wroclaw, Poland; V International Printmaking Exhibition, Estanbul, Turquey; VIII
Biennial International of Engraving Douro, Portugal; VII Printmaking Prize Atlante,
Foundation Museum of Arts, Ribeira, Corunna, Spain; Australian Print Triennial,
Mildura, Australia; XII International Printmaking Biennial, Acqui Terme, Italy; MTG
2015 International Print Triennial, Cracow, Poland; VIII Festival of the Artist's
Book and the Small Edition - BOOK SEEDS, Reggio Emilia, Italy; Biennial Book of
Artist, EIBAB, Bucharest, Romania; International Art Exhibition during the Olympic
Games in Beijing, China; XIX International Independante Exhibition of Prints in
Kanagawa, Yokohama, Japan.

On 2006 she published her Art Book ‘DESTELLOS – work on paper 1985 / 2005.’

On 2011 she opened her own art space, El Loft taller espacio de arte, in Barracas,
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

On 2017, she published her Photo Book ‘200 Instantes’ which contains 200 photos
posted on Instagram.


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